Hal Raveche Made Significant Improvements to the Stevens Institute of Technology

Hal Raveche Made Significant Improvements to the Stevens Institute of Technology while he served for 22 years as president.

When he accepted the position of President of the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hal Raveche became the sixth leader of the school and immediately started implementing change at the university. Some of his first goals as President of Stevens included persuading students to take part in research projects, boosting their interest in engineering, sciences and technology management while advancing the reputation of the institute across the nation. Dr.  Raveche helped design new graduate degree programs in science, engineering, and technology management, and he also guided Stevens to a reputation as one of the best, most innovative technological universities in the world. Dr. Raveche served the university as President from 1988 to 2010, and student enrollment was never higher than it was under his leadership.

Hal Raveche also helped the school gain national recognition as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Center of Excellence in Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce in 2008 for its computer models of marine environments and the overall quality of the institute’s maritime systems programs. That same year, Stevens was also designated as a U.S. Department of Defense University Affiliated Research Center, which allowed the school to establish the Systems Engineering Research Center, the biggest center of its kind in the country.

Other improvements Hal Raveche brought to the Stevens Institute of Technology include an increase in externally sponsored research (which more than tripled since he joined the staff) and the implementation of WebCampus, the institute’s online learning platform, which was named the best online program by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the U.S. Distance Learning Association.

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