Stevens Institute of Technology’s Dual Master’s Degree within the School of Systems and Enterprises

Former President of Stevens Institute of Technology Dr. Hal Raveche expanded the school’s presence overseas. This included establishing a dual degree with Nanyang Technological University during his time as President. Here, Dr. Hal Raveche explains the strategic global importance of the program, including its benefits for students of Stevens Institute of Technology. The School of Systems & Enterprises (SSE) at the Stevens Institute of Technology works in partnership with the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Singapore-based Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to offer a dual degree program with both a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering from Stevens and a Master of Science in Systems and Project Management from NTU.

This complex program prepares students to work in both project management and systems engineering with a subtle understanding of international collaboration. By providing students with a broad, international educational experience, the dual degree program prepares graduates for leadership positions involving the development of systems-based services, solutions, and products. As many businesses and organizations expand their interests in Southeast Asia, China, and India, this degree will take on increasing relevance for new entrants to the workplace.

Students apply to one host university for both fall and spring terms and spend at least one semester studying at the nonhost university. To complete the degree, candidates must earn 30 credits, including 5 courses at Stevens and 4 courses at NTU, as well as an independent study project under the guidance of a faculty advisor at either university. For more information, interested parties should contact the Stevens Institute of Technology Student and Faculty Care Center.


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