Dr. Harold Raveche’s Contributions to the Stevens Institute of Technology

Functioning as the sixth President of the Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) from 1988 to 2010, Dr. Harold Raveche made several important contributions to the 141-year-old school. SIT is a post-secondary educational institution that supports innovation, providing education in research and entrepreneurship.

Under Dr. Raveche’s leadership as its sixth President, the Stevens Institute of Technology experienced unprecedented growth, enrolling 5,900 undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds. As student enrollment grew, so did the faculty, bringing new energy and enhanced curricula to the institute.

In 2009, faculty received nearly $30 million in research sponsorships and spun numerous startups. A year earlier, Stevens was ranked third in return on R&D by Forbes.com. This growth also promoted positive changes in student life and the institute’s research focus to include core areas such as secure systems, systems engineering, and nanotechnology. That same year, SIT awarded more than 800 bachelor’s degrees and post-baccalaureate certificates, nearly 1,150 master’s degrees, and 46 doctoral degrees. With a focus on innovation, Dr. Harold Raveche helped the institute develop international partnerships, increase technological offerings via WebCampus, and foster a learning environment called Technogenesis to better teach SIT’s students and serve as a model for other educational institutions.

These are just a few of the many significant contributions Dr. Harold Raveche made during his 22-year tenure at SIT. As President, Dr. Raveche not only enhanced the lives of students and faculty, but also supported innovation and entrepreneurship that resulted in an enhanced learning environment for all students. Dr Raveche is currently President of Innovation Strategies International; www.innostrategies.com.


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