Stevens Institute of Technology Disciplines for Arts and Humanities

by Dr. Hal Raveche

At the Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) in Hoboken, New Jersey, students may pursue multiple avenues of study related to technology and innovation. While the focus of the school is technological, students with an interest in more esoteric pursuits like art and history also have a place at SIT’s College of Arts & Letters (CAL).

CAL prepares students with a passion for fields of study such as humanities, literature, and music for scientific and technological application of their skills, providing a practical education that allows them to fully pursue their interests. CAL offers two main divisions:

1. Division of Humanities & Social Sciences: Students study philosophy, history, literature, and social sciences in this division, pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in such diverse fields as psychology, sociology, political science, engineering in history, philosophy of science, and ethical issues in science and technology.

2. Division of Technology & the Arts: Students may study music, visual arts, entertainment design, production and sound design, and musical software design, among several other areas of interest.

Dr. Hal Raveche served as President at the Stevens Institute of Technology for 22 years, overseeing the institute’s multiple schools that include the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr., School of Engineering & Science; the School of Systems & Enterprises; the Howe School of Technology Management; and the College of Arts & Letters. Dr. Raveche now functions as the President of Innovation Strategies International, LLC;


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