About Dr. Hal Raveche

Throughout his career, Dr. Hal Raveche has demonstrated an exceptional ability to take scientific and technological breakthroughs and turning them into useful technologies and marketable businesses. Dr. Raveche began his career as a research chemist, developing air pollution monitoring technology that was used by federal government agencies. After founding a research division in a national laboratory, he switched his focus to the world of academia, helping postsecondary institutions develop ties with industry and increase their emphasis on innovation within science,engineering and management programs.

Most recently, Dr. Hal Raveche founded Innovation Strategies International, LLC, a consulting firm, through which he assists universities in advancing entrepreneurship and innovation to create distinctive learning environments and harvest the benefits of research. He also advises on pairing academic research facilities with businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve goals.

Dr. Raveche guides universities through evaluating which research has marketplace potential and putting administrative infrastructure into place that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship among the faculty and students. In addition, he advises if the technologies should be the foundation of a start-up enterprise, licensed, used to establish a partnership with an established business. Dr. Raveche also advises academic institutions on how to access the capital necessary to enhance the impact of their research projects, often through research and development agreements with outside businesses.

The first step of Dr. Hal Raveche’s work with any institution involves a campus visit. During this initial session, Dr. Raveche discusses the objectives and goals of the university, as well as the type of brand it seeks to promote. Once this initial groundwork has been laid, Dr. Raveche helps the university to set time lines and achievable milestones, while also assisting in advancing the marketplace potential of faculty research and building supportive infrastructure. He later returns to the campus to assess progress and make suggestions for further improvement.

Dr. Hal Raveche is the former President of the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. During his 22-year tenure, he helped to grow the university into a prominent research institution with ties to industry and educational organizations around the world. In addition to his consulting work, Dr. Raveche also serves on several technology-focused corporate boards.

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