Importance of the American Society for Engineering Education

An experienced scientist and administrator, Dr. Hal Raveche served for more than 20 years as the sixth President of the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he oversaw the institution’s expansion and improvement. During Dr. Hal Raveche’s tenure, the Stevens Institute of Technology earned recognition from the American Society for Engineering Education … Continue reading

Stevens Institute of Technology’s Commitment to Academic Entrepreneurship and Innovation

By Harold Raveche In April 2011, I presented in Taiwan at a joint colloquium of the National Taipei University of Technology and Jinwen University of Science and Technology. The title of my presentation was “Academic Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Harvesting the Benefits of University Research.” I spoke as head of Innovation Strategies International, LLC, from the … Continue reading

An Interview with Dr. Hal Raveche on His Early Career Achievements

Dr. Hal Raveche of New Jersey maintains a long history of success in promoting entrepreneurialism and in bringing government-, academic-, and corporate-sponsored research to market. Currently serving as the Founding President and Chairman of the consultancy Innovation Strategies International, Raveche previously operated as the President of the Stevens Institute of Technology from 1988 to 2010. … Continue reading

About Malaysia’s Piracy Tracking Efforts

In the first quarter of 2011, Malaysia experienced nine piracy confrontations, one of which was the takeover of a tugboat and barge near the coast of Tioman Island. Seven of these nine incidents involved the uninvited boarding of a vessel by armed robbers, and these hijackings, along with numerous attacks worldwide, have contributed to an … Continue reading